Saving Salvatore

A coloring book specially made for preschoolers, kindergartners, and the younger youngsters.


Available now!

Click here to download (It’s free)!

Suggested Activities to use with Saving Salvatore (a book to color)
Coloring pictures can can be fun and relaxing for all kids and kids at heart, however we have some specific ideas that you can use with younger preschool and kindergarten children:

  • Autumn is a great time to introduce Salvatore.  Acorns and squirrels are fun fall themes and you can often find acorns on the ground between September and December.
  • Making banks is an activity that pairs well with Salvatore’s coloring book.  A bank can be made out of many recycled or found objects and decorated with drawings or stickers.  You can also make a bank box out of card stock and a simple template.  Children can make banks for their own money or for other things to save that can be helpful to others such as soup labels, box tops for education, or drink can pop tops.  Depending on the age of the children, you could consider making three banks and labeling them “spend, save, and give,” just like Sal’s flower pots.
  • An activity that is better suited for older youngsters is the discussion of the tree lifecycle.  Many websites offer instructions on how to grow an oak sapling from an acorn.  Keep in mind that this activity requires patience.
  • Many other activities cans be developed using the acorn into the mighty oak idea.  We’d love to hear your ideas on how you are using Salvatore!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Acorns– A delicious recipe!

Acorn Pumpkins– A fun craft to make!


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