Financial Literacy Month

cardboard tube salvatore squirrel

April is financial literacy month.  April also happens to have 30 days.  Here are 30 activities to help make it fun.  Don’t worry, you don’t have to do them all!

  1. Read Saving Salvatore
  2. Make banks
  3. Make a Salvatore mask
  4. Sing Miss Jackie’s Furry Squirrel song
  5. Make a super fun Salvatore craft out of a cardboard toilet paper tube.  Take a picture of your Salvatore!
  6. Make acorn doughnuts
  7. Make chocolate and peanut butter acorns
  8. Fun, free activity: read library books to each other
  9. Limit the “gimmes” and be thankful for what you have.  Begin a gratitude list and write one thing you’re thankful for on each acorn.  How many can you fill?
  10. Fun, inexpensive activity: plan an in-house family restaurant
  11. Fun, inexpensive activity: play board games with play money (think Monopoly or Life)
  12. Worksheet: learn about jobs
  13. Worksheet: design your own business
  14. Create an advertisement
  15. Read a book such as “Alexander, Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday”
  16. Cut coupons
  17. Take a field trip to the grocery store and compare the costs of items
  18. Volunteer
  19. Take a field trip to the food bank
  20. Plan a yard sale
  21. Research and raise funds for a cause
  22. Have an at home family movie night
  23. Figure out how much it will cost to go to college
  24. Identify and count money
  25. Talk about the difference between wants and needs
  26. Look for ways to earn money (dog walking, car washing)
  27. Identify a financial goal and begin working toward it
  28. Fun, inexpensive activity: explore; visit a park
  29. Fun, inexpensive activity: indoor or outdoor picnic
  30. Fun, inexpensive activity: flashlight tag
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