Reflections & Resolutions

The New Year is fast approaching. For many of us, this is a sentimental time of reflection on the good times and not so good times, the memories made, and the lessons learned in 2011.

Most of us want to grow and we see areas in our lives that could be improved upon. You will probably have some goals for 2012.

Some of the more popular goals for the New Year include spending more time with family, giving back more, and being better managers of our financial resources. It can be hard to change! A good first step when trying to form new habits is to have a plan. Writing down your goals and keeping them in sight can be helpful, too. Here is a quick activity that you can do with your children if spending more time with your family, giving back more, being better managers of your resources, and/or helping your children develop good financial habits are among your goals for the New Year.

Help your children develop good habits now, so that in adulthood, money issues will not be difficult for them.

  1. Print out the worksheet. It is free. All you need is a printer, ink, and a writing utensil. (See, you are already being a good manager of your financial resources. We’ll have more to say about being thrifty in the New Year.)
  2. Talk with your child/children about their goals for the New Year and think of ways to accomplish them. (Look, you’re spending time with your family!) You can answer the questions provided on our worksheet or develop your own. You could also use this worksheet to remember your favorite things about the last year.
  3. Display your completed worksheet in a place that you’ll see it often and be reminded of your goals.

Wishing you good things in the New Year and always,

your friends at FUNancial Literacy

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One Response to Reflections & Resolutions

  1. Christine says:

    Thanks for sharing this fun worksheet! I can’t wait to do it with my oldest. What a great idea!

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